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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Yarner Trust

The Small School has always believed that food and cooking is import for the children to understand. We very much like what the Yarner Trust does down in Welcombe regarding the way they work and there vision in sustainability http://yarnertrust.org/ and we are asked to do the catering for the Yarner summer camp, this includes a 2 course lunch and dinner for 70 people, plus break times, we do this as a great way to promote our children, earn money for our charity and how they can work as a team and run an outside catering company, now the parents are also involued in the cooking this is true and hard work it is l can promise you. All of our produce was from our gardens, parents farm's slow grown Pork and local sources, Holsworthy Organics who we visited earlier in the year, if not it was from Essentials Organics, for example tomatoes as the sun wasn't strong enough in our greenhouse.. Hand made bread cakes etc.. But one question why are organic carrots so dirty as it took the children hours to scrub them as quality control was very tight.. Thank you everyone... And thank you Yarner Trust and people for a lovely week... See you next year we hope...

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