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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Music at the Small School.

Music has always been strong at the small school , but what was lovely was seeing so many ex pupils still coming back to play, like one large family. I must say our teaching department is an inspiration. Thanks Paul and everyone for a great evening.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Craft Fair on Sunday

Please come this Sunday 10-3, kids activities all money goes to charity, icing ginger bread men with Gesine, guess the weight of the cake, cafe is open for local produce and the warm smile of the crew. Get your Christmas presents and have a fun day. At the Parish hall .

This Week.

We had a lovely family from Spain this week try out the Small School, inspired by talks from Satish in Spain. They sat on a coach from Gatwick for 8 hours, I'm sorry Hartland is so far, but pleased you will be back in March.

Broomhill Sculpture park

Love the Carol Pearce. It was wet under foot and would be great to come back and sketch for the day, as we felt we missed a lot . The children were great and we need to open our minds and keep talking about ideas.

School trip November

Trip to see the new work from artist Damon Hirst, we visited a few local attractions including a talk about our local sea world from here to Lundy, the fishing and quota problems. Sustainability seems to be the answer. Plus a trip to Broomhill sculpture park. A good thank you

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Appledore Festival

The Small School was invited to be involued in the Arts festival at Appledore, Bideford. We had a great position next to PETROC, and it was great to get all the feedback. Thank you Gesine (Graphics designer), Wendy (Arts Lecturer), Mary Wills (local Artist), Karina (Fashion Designer), Sarah (organic gardener).  Not just Mums but very talented parents who care..

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Trip to Dartmoor.

Thank you everyone for a lovely trip to Dartmoor, it was alot of fun, WET, but alot of fun...And a big thank you to Gesine for sorting everything out..